The 3 Ways You Can Volunteer

Join the Events Team

The team starts meeting every so often from about three months before the event over a few drinks (it's social and not some kind of stuffy committee). Each person usually has something that they'd like to see happen on the day like live music or an attraction like a climbing wall so they work with everyone to make that happen, whilst other people are happy to apply for grants or co-ordinate with external organisations that would like to join in. There's always a warm welcome for new people.

If you'd like to put a toe in the water you are more than welcome to come along and listen in or to see if you like the team (no committent). You can sign-up online or contact us via email:

Register your interest here

Helping Set-up (on the day)

Set-up is a busy time for the group so we always ask friends and neighbours to come along for an hour or two to help put out tables and gazebos or to put up signs and set-up things like the hoopla and crazy golf.

We've created an online sign-up page so you can let us know if you are interested in this role:

Register your interest to help here

Running a Stall (on the day)

This is vital to the day and we need people to volunteer for a two hour slot. You can pick what you want to do and opportunities range from cooking on the BBQ through to running stalls stalls like crazy golf, a bouncy castle or selling ice-cream.

A massive help is if you could sign up well in advance as that let's us know what stalls we can or cannot run due to numbers.

Our online sign-up form gives all sorts of different options:

Choose what you would like to do here